Μακεδονία vs Σκόπια όλη η αλήθεια

Μακεδονία vs Σκόπια όλη η αλήθεια
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Κυριακή, 25 Νοεμβρίου 2007


Recently, some traitors in my country are prepairing to give the holy name of Macedonia, the land of Alexander the great to the Slavo-albanic faulse state of Vardaska(FYROM).
We shall never accept this treason by those people that they are not really represent Greece.
The dark ages will pass and our country will be set free of these people and true Greek patriots will rull this holy ground!
Then we will take back all its ours and yes we will demand the holy name of Macedonia to be used only to identify real macedonia and not this tiny Slavoalbanic "state".
Vor kurzem prepairing einige verators in meinem Land, um den heiligen Namen von Mazedonien, das Land von Alexander das große zu geben zum Slavo-albanic "Zustand" von Vardaska(FYROM).
Wir nehmen nie diesen Verrat durch jene Leute an, daß sie nicht wirklich stellen Sie darGriechenland sind.
Das dunkle Alter überschreitet und unser Land wird frei von diesen Leuten eingestellt und zutreffende griechische Patrioten willen rull dieser heilige Boden!
Dann nehmen wir alles seine unsere zurück und ja verlangen wir den heiligen Namen von, reales macedonia und nicht dieses kleine Slavoalbanic verwendet zu werden Mazedonien, "Zustand" nur zu kennzeichnen.

Τα ορια της Μακεδονιας

Έτσι τα σαφή εξωτερικά όρια των παραπάνω επαρχιών σαφώς και δίδουν τα όρια της Μακεδονίας που ήταν: Προς Ν. το Αιγαίο από Νέστου μέχρι Πηνειού και ορέων Όλυμπος, Τιτάριο και Καμβούνια, (χώριζαν από τη Θεσσαλία τις επαρχίες Πιερίας και Ελιμίας). Προς Δ. η βόρεια οροσειρά της Πίνδου δηλαδή τα όρη Τύμφη, και Βόϊο (Γράμμος) που χώριζαν τις μακεδ. Επαρχίες Ελιμία και Ορεστίδα από την Ήπειρο, στη συνέχεια το όρος Πετρίνο παρά της Λυγνιδού λίμνης (Αχρίδας) και το όρος Τούρια που χώριζαν τις μακεδ. Επαρχίες Λυγκιστίδα και Πελαγονία από την Ιλλυρία. Προς Β. η περιβάλλουσα τους Στόβους οροσειρά στη συμβολή του Εριγώνα και Αξιού, η οροσειρά αυτή συνδέει το όρος Βάβουνα με το δυτικό κλάδο του Μεσάπιου όρους και που χώριζαν τις μακεδ. Επαρχίες Πελαγονία , νότια Παιονία και Σιντική από τη κυρίως Παιονία και τη Θρακική περιοχή των Μαίδων. Τέλος προς Α. το όρος Όρβηλος και ο ποταμός Νέστος που χώριζαν από της Θράκης τις Επαρχίες Σιντική, Οδομαντική και Ηδωνίδα.

Τρίτη, 20 Νοεμβρίου 2007

History of Macedonia

Macedonia is a Greek region,in the north of Greece.The most important cities of Macedonia is Thessaloniki, Kavala, Seres, Drama, Edessa, Florina, Katerinh and many more. ANCIENT HISTORY OF MACEDONIA Its a Greek region since the beginning of time, and the Kings graves founded in Vergina are the witnesses for this , but and in the whole Macedonia thousands of ancient items founded having Greek signs on them. All ancient historians wrote that Macedonians were part of the Greek nation, as also were Spartans, Athenians, Cretans, Corinthians, Arcadian and tens of other tribes, members of the Greek Nation. Ancient Macedonians were spoken the Greek language , wrote in Greek language, worshiped Greek Gods of Olympus, (ZEUS, MERCURY, APHRODITE, DIANA, ATHENA etc), and were DORIES one of the four main Greek tribes ( the other two were ACHIEOI, ION-ES, and AIOLEIS). The name Macedonians come from the Greek word MAKEDNOS which means TALL MAN,and if all these are not enough evidents of the Hellenic(Greek) nationality of Macedonians I will tell you an old story. <<>> Years ago Great King PHILIP THE SECOND King of Macedonia and General Emperor of all Greece began preparations to avenge Persian invasion by setting free at first all Greek cities of Asia minor from Persian occupation, and then by attacking them in their own country. Death took him before making his dream come true,and his son ALEXANDER THE GREAT (ISKANDER EL AHBAR FOR ALL THE ARAB WORLD) made this dream come true. By the Aegean sea in 334 b.c he utterly beat the Persian armies in the battle of Granikos and he free all of ASIA MINOR.Then like a storm took Syria, Egypt, Libya, Palestine, and then Persia and all Asia until the border of India and China. After his Death(we Greeks never truly believe that he is dead because our Grandmothers told as a story we we were kids that HE LIVES AND RULES AND CONQUERS THE WORLD off course this is a fairy tale but indicates love of Greek people to the Great King-we never forgot him! ), the HELLENISTIC MONARCHIES were created 1.The KINGDOM OF MACEDONIA AND SOUTHERN GREECE 2.THE KINGDOM OF SELEYKIDON IN ASIA 3.THE KINGDOM OF PTOLEMIES IN EGYPT AND AFRICA 4.THE KINGDOM OF PERGAMON IN ASIA MINOR Romans occupied Macedonia, southern Greece, and Greek (Hellenistic) States of the East in the year 30 b.c where the last Greek state Egypt fall. But GREEK CULTURE,was too strong to be bitten by Romans and soon they start loosing their habits and customs and becoming Greeks themselves. BYZANTINE YEARS (MIDDLE AGES) Slowly the Roman Empire turned into the Greek Byzantine Empire and the capital transfered from Rome to the Greek city Vizantio renamed Constantinople. All these year,and during all ages no one claimed rights on Macedonia accept its own people, until in the 6th and the 7th century and after the Imperial forces had thrown away Hans, and Goths, tribes named SLAVS and BULGARIANS attacked the border of Danube, these tribes were so barbaric and uncivilized that their King KRUMOS when defeated Emperor NIKHFOROS THE FIRST he cut off his head and made a cup of his scull! After many, battles,destructions of Greek cities, millions of Greek people dead or enslaved Great Emperor VASILEIOS B' also named BULGARIAN KILLER finally managed to defeat the Slavobulgaric hord and throw them away from the sacred land of Macedonia and other Greece in year 1014 a.c. in the battle of CLEIDION. But Bulgarians and other Slavs were permanently created states inside the Balkan peninsula in the ancient territories of ANO MYSIA (BULGARIA)and DARDANIA (SCOPIA)then Macedonia became the border between the Greek Empire and the Slavobulgaric States. THE SLAVOBULGARIC THREAT IN MACEDONIA IN MODERN TIMES The Slavobulgaric threat over Macedonia started in the end of the 19th century after the foundation of the modern BULGARIA state and the occupation of ANATOLIKH ROMY LIA(north THRACE) a Greek territory with Greek population that were all killed or came in the Southern Greece as refuges. Ancient Greek cities were destroyed then by Bulgaric hords Stenimaxos, Pyrgos, Pillipoupoli, Varna and many more. But they wanted more,after North Thrace they started TERRORISM against the Greek population of Macedonia by their Terrorist Gangs named KOMITATZIDES, and by killing, raping, burning, and blackmailing, they tried to take Macedonia too. But the Brave Macedonians, and other Greeks and especially Cretans decided that we had had enough.That way began the Macedonian Fight between native Macedonian-Greeks and KOMITATZIDES and OTTOMAN authorities from the other side. The battle was won and in year 1912-13 the Greek Armies with KING KONSTANTIN OS IB set free almost all Macedonia by defeating first OTHOMAN TURKS and then Bulgarians, except a small part in the North Macedonia occupied until today by the "state of Skopia" and Bulgaria and his population is still Greek or VLAXOI with Greek conscious. During German and Italian occupation of Greece at world war two, their allies Bulgarians, occupied parts of Greek territory, West Thrace and East and Central Macedonia. An orgy of killings, and destruction and all kinds of terror began, a small example is the genocide of the people of DOXATO in DRAMA region of Macedonia, where they murder all 4000 citizens of the village. The "Macedonian problem" in the late 19th and early 20th centurie was the Greek-Bulgarian conflict for the occupied by the Turks Greek providence Macedonia. They were fighting the Greeks to set Macedonia free, and Bulgaria to succes the Turks. This problem came to an end by the Victorious march of the Greek army in the Balkan wars of 1912-13, that set free almost all historical Macedonia territories. The new version of Macedonian problem started at the middle 20th century when Marchall Tito of Yugoslavia and Stalin dictator of Russia wanted a way out to Aegean sea and the very important port of Salonika.